WANDER SERIES NSW PTY LTD  - 04th April 2022

New Valves LCC27 are being phased in. From the 1st April 2021, Australia has a new Standard Gas cylinder valve which have been introduced for both 4kg & 8.6 kg sizes. The NEW LCC27 valve is being introduced to improve safety and reduce the risk of accidental gas leakage from LPG Cylinders.

LCC27 (NEW) vs POL (OLD) 

LCC27 valve is very different with the current POL Valve, it has a visible external Thread on the valve. This ne wthread will be used for new appliances with the LCC27 connection in the future and it is a right -hand thread. 

POL (OLD). Does not have an external thread on the valve. 


Further details on the transition process can be found on the GTRC website http://www.gtrc.gov.au/publications/technical-guidance-bulletins/

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